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HOW TO BALANCE TECH AND ACADEMIA. A dilemma many of us in the tech space… | by Vincent Favour | Jan, 2024 – Medium

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Vincent Favour

A dilemma many of us in the tech space face
As a passionate computer science student deeply immersed in technology, I’ve grappled with the formidable challenge of balancing my academic pursuits with my tech-driven aspirations.
It’s a dilemma many of us in the tech space face — juggling exams, assignments, and classes while navigating work deadlines and meetings. I’ve observed friends in my institution missing classes due to gigs and jobs, some are okay in their current state of living, asking what more academics can bring to the table when they’re already earning from their tech endeavors.
It’s a struggle I’m familiar with, but in the following sections, I’ll share how I’ve successfully navigated this delicate balance as a data enthusiast.
If you’re reading this, congratulations. Your willingness to seek a solution shows reasonableness and determination. In the upcoming sections, I’ll delve into the challenges of balancing tech and academics as an undergraduate and, more importantly, provide actionable keys to overcome these hurdles.
Firstly → Some are in the initial stages of learning how to code, and navigating the complexities of a rapidly evolving tech landscape.
Secondly → A unique cohort comprises individuals who are mastering coding skills and are simultaneously juggling additional jobs, aiming to earn income and gain valuable hands-on experience.
Lastly → Some seasoned professionals have already achieved proficiency in their respective domains; their focus primarily revolves around securing jobs and building a sustainable income.
Balancing academic and tech pursuits is a formidable task, with distinct challenges that resonate with many readers. Among them, three distinct categories emerge, each facing its own set of challenges.
1. Juggling Academia and Coding: A Nine-Course Dilemma
Consider the scenario of students tackling diverse courses like Chemistry, Geography, Zoology, Petroleum Engineering, and Mathematics, while simultaneously immersing themselves in coding frameworks such as Angular and Vue. With a staggering load of nine courses per semester, the struggle to carve out time for coding amidst rigorous academic demands is palpable.
This predicament often forces a difficult choice — whether to prioritize consistent growth in tech or to excel academically.
2. The Power Struggles: Running Through the Rain for Coding Time
Another hurdle is the persistent issue of power supply, a common concern for tech enthusiasts. Imagine a four-hour planned coding session in the afternoon can unravel when faced with electricity interruptions, leading to missed deadlines, job losses, and discouragement after the experiences of running through the rain in search of power.
3. Absence of Gadgets and the Learning Halt: A Pause Button on Tech Aspirations
The lack of essential gadgets, including laptops and reliable internet connections, impedes the progress of those eager to upskill in the tech field. This shortage often pushes individuals to temporarily halt their learning journey.
4. Not Setting Priorities Right: A Delicate Balancing Act
As tech enthusiasts walk the tightrope of balancing their coding passion with academic commitments, here’s a scenario that hits close to home.
Imagine having a significant coding project lined up, and just around the corner, there’s a week packed with tough exams. It’s not just a balancing act; it’s a genuine challenge. The pressure is real.
You’re faced with the dilemma of managing both coding and studying during a critical time. It’s a scenario that tests your ability to handle the stress of meeting coding deadlines while ensuring you’re prepared for exams.
It’s not for the faint-hearted, but for those navigating this path, it’s a clear illustration of the hurdles that come with simultaneously managing coding projects and academic responsibilities.
5. Lacking Honesty with Clients: A Dilemma for Job Seekers
Now, here’s a common issue for those in category three — the folks taking on jobs.
Picture this: you don’t always spill the beans to your clients about being a student. Why?
Well, there’s this fear that being a student might make them hesitant to hire you. So, you try to look as professional as possible without mentioning your student status. It’s like walking a fine line between being honest and scoring that job.
This struggle highlights the challenge of trying to build a professional image while keeping academic commitments under wraps. It’s a real puzzle for those trying to make a mark in the professional world while still dealing with the demands of student life.
7. Impatience and Peer Pressure: The Pitfall
Now, let’s talk about something real. Some folks get impatient and feel the pressure to be like those online stars. They want quick success, and it can be overwhelming. What they might not realize is that many of those online gurus they look up to are already done with school — like Ebenezer Don, Adora, and others.
The thing is, when you let impatience and peer pressure drive you, it can lead to some tricky situations. People might make decisions without thinking things through, and that’s when things can go off track.
We have delved into the challenges, recognizing the intricate struggles faced by individuals seeking to balance academics and tech pursuits. Now, let’s transition from identifying the obstacles to charting a course toward solutions and practical steps to achieve equilibrium on both fronts.
First I want you to see these tweets from popular Nigerian techie.
Guidelines to Keep in Mind: Dos and Don’ts
Before taking on additional workload, carefully assess your existing work and school responsibilities. It’s essential not to commit to more than you can realistically handle. To assist in managing tasks, consider utilizing to-do list apps like Todoist. This tool provides a detailed breakdown of your tasks and subtasks, offering a comprehensive overview of your upcoming commitments.
6. The demands of balancing academics and a tech career can take a toll on your well-being, increasing the risk of stress-related health issues. It’s crucial to prioritize self-care and incorporate breaks into your routine to prevent burnout.
Explore apps designed for audio stimulation and meditation, such as Calm, to effectively leverage technology for stress reduction.
Taking proactive steps to manage stress ensures you maintain a healthy balance between academic and tech pursuits.
A significant advantage of navigating the tech world as a student is the abundance of communities available to you. Many tech giants offer student ambassador and learner programs, providing an excellent opportunity to connect with like-minded peers.
Having a companion who understands your journey makes the path smoother, offering the necessary support to strike a proper balance. Notable communities include Google Developer Student Clubs and Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors, fostering a supportive environment for both learning and collaboration.
If you’re seeking more advice, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @OgboiFavour or click here
In conclusion, as you embark on the journey of balancing academics and tech pursuits, remember the importance of prioritizing your education. You have to put in more time than people who are just schooling.
Adopting these strategies will not only ease the strain of balancing academics and tech pursuits but also pave the way for progress in both areas.
Connect with me on Twitter @OgboiFavour for ongoing advice and insights. Your engagement matters, so don’t forget to like, share, subscribe, and follow for a continuous flow of tips on navigating this fulfilling journey!

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