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NLRA 2024-5 Leveraging the International Space Station for STEM Education and Workforce Development – ISS National Lab

ISS National Laboratory
Space Station Ambassador and educator, Laura Tomlin, participating in a reduced gravity flight as part of the Embedded Teachers Program
Media Credit: Image courtesy of Steve Boxall
NLRA open period: 2/27/2024 – 7/1/2024
The purpose of this ISS National Lab Research Announcement (NLRA) is to solicit applications directed toward utilization of the ISS National Lab from principal investigators and stakeholders associated with any U.S.-based institution (academic, government, commercial, not-for-profit) with a vested interest in workforce development and science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education. Flight projects selected via this research announcement may be awarded funding to enable mission integration and operations support for implementation on the ISS.
Applications must seek to build or expand education programs, projects, or public-private partnerships that leverage the ISS or space-based research to engage post-secondary students (including colleges, universities, community/junior colleges, and vocational institutions), K-12 students, and/or educators. To be competitive, responsive proposals must explicitly state how programming will target and reach underrepresented demographics.
This solicitation is open to U.S.-based institutions (academic, government, commercial, or nonprofit) with a vested interest in STEM education and workforce development.
This research announcement will follow a two-step proposal submission process. Before being invited to submit a full proposal, all interested investigators must first complete and submit for review a Step 1: Concept Summary.
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Download Step 1 Forms
Concept summaries must be submitted electronically using the concept summary submission portal. To access the portal, press the “Click to Submit” button below.
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CASIS will notify all offerors of the review results of their Step 1: Concept Summary.
Full proposal development periods for Invited Step 2: Full Proposals
Download Step 2 Forms
If you were invited to submit a Step 2: Full Proposal, upload your submission by pressing the “Click to Submit” button below. Please convert your document to a PDF prior to uploading.
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Thank you for your interest in conducting research leveraging the ISS National Lab! For questions regarding this research announcement, please contact [email protected] and reference NLRA2024-5 in the subject line.
** Please verify that none of the information submitted is subject to the export control laws of the United States, such as the EAR or the ITAR; if any information is subject to such laws, please mark all pages containing such information and identify the appropriate export control jurisdiction and classification. **
Resources available to assist in the submission of concept summary forms and proposals for award consideration through an ISS National Lab Research Announcement (NLRA).
From the 1st launch back in 2013 to the most recent one, take a look back at all the science that launched to the ISS National Lab!
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