February 21, 2024

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Policy Advocacy for Universal Acceptance (UA).

Achieving Universal Acceptance (UA) requires a multifaceted approach, and policy advocacy plays a crucial role. Here are some areas to focus on:

1. Technical Standards and Implementation:

  • Promote the adoption of international standards: Advocate for widespread adoption of standards like IDNA (Internationalized Domain Names) and IDN tables, ensuring consistent handling of non-Latin characters across platforms.
  • Encourage software updates: Support initiatives that encourage software developers to update their applications and systems for UA compatibility. This can involve financial incentives, technical assistance, and awareness campaigns.
  • Develop testing and certification frameworks: Advocate for the development of robust testing and certification systems that verify UA compliance for both software and devices.

2. Regulatory and Legislative Measures:

  • Government mandates: Encourage governments to mandate UA compliance for public services and websites. This can set a strong precedent and incentivize private sector adoption.
  • Tax breaks and incentives: Advocate for tax breaks or other financial incentives for companies that invest in UA-compliant technologies and practices.
  • International cooperation: Support international collaborations and agreements to promote UA adoption globally. This can harmonize technical standards and remove regulatory barriers.

3. Public Awareness and Education:

  • Raise awareness about UA: Educate the public, businesses, and policymakers about the benefits of UA for a more inclusive and accessible internet. This can involve educational campaigns, workshops, and conferences.
  • Empower users: Educate users about their rights and choices regarding domain names and email addresses. This can include promoting the use of IDNs and advocating for service provider transparency.
  • Highlight success stories: Showcase successful examples of UA implementation in different sectors to inspire others and demonstrate the feasibility and benefits of the concept.


At DNS Africa, we strongly believe that we can adopt strategies that would ensure that Africa countries adopt the Universal Acceptance as a National Advocacy supported by legislation to encourage the growth and development of the internet. Other strategies are:

  • Supporting open-source initiatives: Encourage the development and adoption of open-source tools and libraries that support UA.
  • Partner with industry stakeholders: Collaborate with software developers, device manufacturers, service providers, and other relevant stakeholders to advocate for UA and implement solutions.
  • Engage with the ICANN community: Participate in ICANN policy discussions and initiatives related to UA to ensure its continued development and implementation.

By combining technical, regulatory, and educational efforts, we can accelerate progress towards achieving UA and building a more inclusive and accessible internet for all.

Remember, achieving UA is a long-term effort, and sustained advocacy is crucial. By focusing on these areas and working collaboratively, we can create a more inclusive and accessible internet for everyone.

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